Sunday, January 14, 2007

Just what in hell was I thinking????
And the hair? Well Prom isnt much better....
I did get alot of wear out of that Ted Jacobs Dress..
My own father bought me the flowers.. Isn't that sweet?
Go Daddy... you were so right..


I have nothing else to say to this but ACK.. Just GROW UP ALREADY!!
I won't bore yall with any details but I once thought I wanted to actually marry this bums brother.. ack.. pooey ack.. pooey .. It must run in the family .. Engaged and all he left me for a 16 year old girl so .. and a history of having younger girlfriends .. flip flop .. marrying each others wives .. just .. just.. I got the better deal yall....

Former Windham High School band director David G. Nenzoski pleaded not guilty Friday to charges he had sex with a 13-year-old female student. Standing before Portage County Common Pleas Judge Laurie Pittman in an orange-and-white striped jail uniform and leg and wrist chains during his arraignment hearing, Nenzoski, 49, pleaded not guilty to all six counts. He is charged with three counts each of sexual battery and unlawful sexual conduct with a minor. Both are third-degree felonies. Nenzoski, of 9086 Bryant Road, Windham, was indicted by the Portage County Grand Jury on Thursday. The indictment alleges the offenses occurred between Oct. 1, 2006 and Dec. 31, 2006. He was arrested by Windham police on a warrant.
Nenzoski resigned as the schools band director shortly after he was arrested Jan. 2. The band includes students in seventh and eighth grade. He worked at the high school between 16 and 20 hours a week, both as a part-time teaching assistant and band director, according to the school district. Nenzoski was working toward a degree in education at Kent State University. Pittman continued Nenzoskis $500,000 cash surety bond and set his trial to start at 9 a.m. March 20. Nenzoski was represented at the arraignment by an attorney from the Portage County Public Defenders Office.

Bunnies like to Knit too

BERNIE IS MODELING THE FIRST THING THAT I EVER KNIT... isn't that just .. sorry? It is still sitting here in an envelope.. I made it for my friend Shannon .. well .. ok.. I will mail it Tuesday. I promise.. Bernie likes it..

Can't knit fast enough to make something warm....

Its Foggy today ...Looked out the window to the new high school site behind my house.. well .. I can hardly see it.. its thick today in here. still overly warm in the house. it says 78 in here.. Wow.. its January ... So I go and check the site.... And this is NOT IT...
I stayed in Texas For a REASON!!
wintry mix of freezing rain, sleet and freezing temperatures is expected in the Houston area Monday and Tuesday, as a strong but slow-moving arctic front brings scattered showers and isolated thunderstorms today.
"It looks like we will be dealing with rain tonight and tomorrow," National Weather Service meteorologist Paul Lewis said Saturday night. "But it's going to take most of tonight and all day Sunday for this front to move all the way to the coast."
In a special weather statement issued Saturday, the service said the threat of significant ice accumulations ... appears to be increasing.
With ice accumulations between 1/4 - and 1/2 -inch, driving will become "extremely hazardous," and trees and power lines may come down, the weather service said.
Temperatures today are expected to be about 20 degrees below Saturday's high of 72, Lewis said.

AH crap?

I don't do cold.. I don't do rain .. or sleet or snow.. or .. just wet in general..

A happy 9TH BIRTHDAY TO CINDY! I gotta find coffee.. I will be back...
To Starbucks yall..

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Reality TV vs .. Knitting...

Ok.. Tonight is one of my favorite pastime reality shows.. Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency Starts again on Oxygen Channel at 9pm:)
Botox honey .. its not the answer to everything....
Started a mohair and cotton bag with pink eyelash ....
ok... lets watch some reality tv..

Day 17... The saga continues 12/25/2006
Day 1 Completed Peace and Freedom from Abuse

Ok today I finished the bag that has been tagged with the Harry Potter Trinket Bag.. I followed the directions and tada.... It actually felted. It did shrink ALOT... Warning.. to make socks.. or maybe a pair of slippers out of this.. knit alot more rows! I am eventually running a drawstring through it and making a cord for it. It will have beads hanging off it on the bottom and perhaps I might even attempt that Bedazzle stuff to make it more.. well.. blingy.. It has to dry now.. we shall see what happens next with it.

Running screaming through the streets..

I really can't find the motivation to really do much today. I thought 2007 was supposed to be a better year.. so far its still been 10 days of HELL. I need to go through my clothes and sort things .. clean up and organize. Maybe I need to join FlyLady again.

Somebody have any inspiration??? I am not finding it. I knit a few rows on the grapeshawl and sat watching soap operas.
Ok ..Going to start dinner and then maybe perhaps knit a few more minutes.

Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Most people know I have been attempting knitting. Most of what I have made so far I have given away for gifts. My resolution for 2007 was making for myself. So.. in that attempt.... I have accumlated quite a stash of yarn when it goes on sale at Hobby Lobby. I have also gotten the name Yarn Ho.. well "will work for Yarn" Hey whatever works right? I got a very nice set of circular needles for Christmas from my husband. I haven't gotten that down yet. I am pretty much assured I need to go back to the knitting class in Friendswood a few more times.

I was blessed with a gift certificate and a 40% off coupon today!! Guess what I bought??? Yes that wonderful looking contraption up there.. Yes I say .. I broke down and bought it and not the Barbie one mind you.. its actually pretty complicated. Mac will tell ya.. I'm Knitting I'm Knitting..... He is the one who figured how to thread it and get it working. He is such a good Yarn Ho husband.. He sits there and rolls yarn into balls for me.. so sweet of him....

Well back to the machine... Thus far we tried several types of yarn, Some Eyelash that was almost $10 a skein that they had on sale today in HobbyLobby. Can't beat that at all. I need to always add to the stash. They had a few things I just had to get .. and I also bought new sticks.. some 10.5's to work on my shawl that I want before the end of eternity. And I made 2 bags.. One even now has beads on the bottom .. I promise pictures soon as I can find the cord to the stupid camera ....

Things on Needles....

1.) Shawl : made with purple /grape/ Bulky .. about 4 inches .. 50 Stitches wide /?? rows so far

2.) Felted Wool Bag pink of course.... long way to go

3.) Purple scarf.. made with ribbon/topika yarn

4. Fuzzy Pink and Hot Pink Scarf... Almost done.. maybe another half hour of knitting left....................... and so it goes...

5. Fuzzy Pink Purse... doing handles now.. Needs liner ..

6. Purple on the town handbag.. Almost finished.. done on Macs Knitting madness machine..

7. Wine Cozie FINISHED!!

My practice this week is on cabling... ready to try a project using cable knits...

IF I HAD $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$


I want to do a shawl out of this stuff MAN!!!!!
Ok.. so .. it goes..
Music Today : Natasha Bedingfield
I bruise Easily
See ya all tomorrow.. Hugszzz